4 Women Suhel Seth Looks Up To

A columnist, keynote speaker, actor, and a TV pundit, Suhel Seth ( founder, Counselage India)  has a multi-faceted personality. Being a great orator and a writer, he has many amazing books to his credit. He has also acted in several movies. The socializing expert is never afraid to speak out his mind. He salutes 5 women whom he thinks deserves newsprint. Let’s have a look:

Vidya Balan:

The actress, according to Seth has beautifully evolved from being just a pretty face to a brilliant actor. Each film that she has been a part of has made a mark, thanks to her ability to fit in diametrically different roles she has performed exceptionally well in. She is one of the finest talents who have achieved success by dint of hard work. He also believes that it’s just the beginning of her journey and she has a long way to go.

Ela Bhatt:

As a true philanthropist, Ela Bhatt has worked tirelessly to empower poor women. SEWA is synonymous with women’s power and demonstrates the ability womanly compassion can achieve. She has altered the lives of many women and encouraged them to pave their own path. According to Suhel Seth, Ela Bhatt is symbolic of the complete woman- compassionate, determined, and focused. She is an inspiration and it’s only because of her that many women have been liberated from the shackles of society.

Nita Ambani:

According to Seth, Nita isn’t just Mukesh’s wife for him but someone who has morphed into an educationist, businesswoman, and perhaps a sports lover. He believes that she’s not doing it because she can afford to but because she wants to and is driven by the same kind of passion, Mukesh is known for. The reason why Suhel admires Nita is that she brings the kind of zeal that very few women of her stature depict.

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According to Seth, Mayawati has carved an enduring niche in Indian politics, regardless of her power status. He sarcastically appreciates the way she builds statues of herself and controls both disciplined and errant party folk. He comments that she can be even more ruthless and strategic. He salutes her for the manner in which she changed the political landscape of India’s largest state. Not completely positive though, he does sarcastically comment on Mayawati and says she is one of those who have shown to the world that it takes a lot more for a woman to be successful as the operating political head.

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