5 Things You Should Not Go Wrong With, In Order to Maintain A Healthy Relationship.

Relationships are never easy. They are complicated, messy, and at times, they can be hard to maintain. Relationships are like a rollercoaster ride filled with speed breakers and bumps along the way, they are fulfilling, exhilarating, yet many people out there, fail at them. But don’t we all make mistakes? I mean, nobody is perfect. So today, let’s talk about the five things that you should not go wrong with, to maintain a healthy and happy relationship.

1. Honesty Is Indeed the Best Policy:

Being honest with your partner at all times will help your relationship to go a long way! Don’t ever keep things from your partner. Don’t keep secrets and don’t twist scenarios. Have long and brutally honest conversations with them. From talking about your past to discussing the future, speak your heart out, and don’t miss out on any details. When you will put yourself out there, in a vulnerable position and you end up staying true to the relationship, that is when you will be able to tackle any situation. You will overcome every hurdle on the way!

2. Trust Is Everything:      

Having Faith in your partner is what will keep the pieces of the relationship together. Don’t doubt your partner, and don’t give them a chance to challenge you. Share everything and be open. Show them that you are there for the long haul. Build the foundation of your relationship with trust. Give each other space, respect each other’s privacy, and have faith in them and your relationship. Communicate is the key to resolving to the toughest issues.

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3. You Don’t Always Have to Be Alright:

We often tend to avoid uncomfortable conversations, and doing so piles up problems in our head, after which, things never end well. Whenever you feel that there is something odd, whenever you feel like there is something that needs to be said, say it. Talk things out and don’t pile them up. Don’t pretend to be ok when you are not. Saying “I Am Alright” might seem like a more natural way out, but having that difficult conversation is what always needs to be done. Once you open up, you will feel like a burden which just got off your chest, and you will feel alright because you talk and sort things out with your partner. Always make sure to clear the air because stacking overwhelming feelings and not sharing them will not do any good to your relationship in the long run. It will exhaust you, and it will only make you run from your relationship.

4. Don’t Make Comparisons:

One thing that you should always keep in mind is that you should never compare your partner with anyone. Your partner is not your ex, nor is he the perfect representation of a person that you had in mind. Your partner is and always will be the way he or she is. Don’t compare them with anyone and don’t create certain expectations in your head. Love them for who they indeed are. Love their imperfections and love their flaws. When you compare them with someone, you burden them with the pressure of always putting up to your expectations. This might exhaust them, and it will affect your relationship. Nobody likes to be compared to someone they are not, and they can never be, doing this might draw them away from you. 

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5. Don’t Hold Back on Making Romantic Gestures:  

Once you go on from the ride of dating to being in a relationship, many times, the romance fades away. You stop complimenting each other the way you did before, or you stop putting efforts. Holding back onto your true feelings and not expressing love time and again can destroy the spark and be a reason for the end of a relationship. Keep complimenting your partner. Keep reminding them that you have got their back or that you love them unconditionally. Pamper your partner with unexpected gifts and surprises. Take them on beautiful and fun dates. Cook a meal for them or spend quality time together. Watch a movie or talk for hours, just like you did in the initial days. Don’t ever stop trying to impress them. Sweep them off their feet with your extravagant gestures or do something simple to get that smile on their face. Keep your relationship alive, make efforts, and you’ll have a content and a healthy relationship.

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