Appendicitis: Early signs that you must not ignore

Accumulation of parasites, mucus or fecal matter in the appendix can cause obstruction in its pathway leading to inflammation and infection. The condition is commonly referred to as appendicitis. Although appendix, a vestigial organ, is not a very significant part of the body, it’s vital to get the treatment done in case there is inflammation. Failing so can give an invitation to worse consequences such as rupture of appendix and subsequent release of dangerous bacteria and contaminants in the whole of body. This can also result in the weakening of the immune system. Hence, it is important to watch out for the symptoms and seek medical attention immediately. Here are some early signs of appendicitis you must be aware of:-       

  • Acute pain in abdomen :-

It might start off as a dull pain in the belly button area which then intensifies and becomes severe after a few hours. The pain can be as severe as the one experienced at the time of delivery. Pain in the lower back or pelvic pain is also possible because, in some people, the appendix is located behind the colon. Medical assistance is a must in all such pains.   

  • Fevers and chills :-

The early symptoms of appendicitis can somewhat be like stomach flu. You might feel unwell or experience all of a sudden chills apart from stomach ache. The chills are usually followed by low-intensity fevers that can leave you sweating. The fever can go as high as 100 degrees Fahrenheit after some time.

  • Mild nausea :-

This symptom can occur even before you start feeling pain in your abdominal area. If you experience sharp sudden pain in the lower right abdominal area, immediately after nausea or vomiting, then chances are you are suffering from appendicitis and it’s time to seek medical attention.

  • Bloating and Gas :-
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If you constantly feel bloated after every meal and suffer from gas problem that doesn’t go away, it can be an indication of appendicitis. The symptoms worsen over time ad lead to constipation, difficult bowel movements and bowel discomfort.  Most of the people ignore these symptoms but this can indicate a major problem in your body.

  • Painful urination :-

This is not a condition which is solely associated with appendicitis. But many people have experienced this as an early symptom along with all other symptoms associated with appendicitis. The pressure which develops around the appendix due to inflammation can make the act of passing urine uncomfortable and painful.

  • Diarrhea or digestion problems :-

Diarrhea which starts at a mild stage and worsens consequently, leading to dehydration can indicate an on shot of appendicitis. If it persists even after taking over the counter medications with presence of mucus in your bowels, do not take it lightly.

Take the help of a medical practitioner, especially one who specializes in appendix treatment if you find any of the above mentioned symptoms worsening.

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