Business insights for Post-Covid world – Suhel Seth

Enquiries, post-Covid, especially about business and economy, are on the rise, and a digital conference called STIMULUS is attempting to answer a few of these difficult questions. The conference on April 13 and 14 will see 70 speakers talk about their leadership strategies in the near future. The participants include change makers from sectors like luxury, film, media, business, automobile, art & culture, amongst others.

The seminar is organised by The Global Luxury Group, Crosshairs Communications and Women Inspiring Network (WIN). According to Stuti Jalan, Founder of Crosshairs Communications and WIN, “With the lockdown we started promoting ourselves and clients digitally as digital landscape is constantly emerging as a major communication platforms as our core business is PR & social media. Karan Bhangay of the Global Luxury Group came to me and we brainstormed on the digital conference together.”The speakers include Prahlad Kakkar (film director), Suhel Seth (Managing Partner, Counselage India), Tarun Tahiliani (Fashion Designer) Avneet Singh (Founder, Medusa Beverages Pvt. Ltd), and many others.

Avneet Singh, Founder of Medusa Beverages Pvt Ltd will speak about how manufacturers can be a strategist in the time of quarantine and redesign and reinvent their business post Covid world. “I will also address how liquor companies have resorted to making sanitisers to help with the increased demand. How are hotels and F&B outlets in India coping? While the world was already moving towards organic produce, will COVID-19 accelerate the demand for better production techniques of foods? Will health become the next important strategy for everyone? What does this mean for liquor and cigar brands?” he says.

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Similarly, Angelique Dhama, Chief Marketing Officer of Obeetee-Carpets, will brief the audience on how her brand is closely with customers to identify opportunities, immediate needs so that there is no loss of sales. She says, “The online business is still strong, and customers with a good online presence will be less effected. We are continuously adding value where we can throughout the supply chain, while protecting the interest of our weavers to ensure minimum impact.”

For Jatin Ahuja, Founder and CEO of Big Boy Toyz, one of the participants in the conferences, business has been the priority over the years but he now encounters a change. “I would like to accept that this is the best time I have spent with my family and myself. It has helped me work on myself. Staying calm is a must during this time, so we all as a family have been exercising and meditating to keep ourselves fit and mentally healthy. This has also given me a chance to catch up with my old friends, obviously digitally, back from school or college,” says Ahuja, who will point towards the dip in the market for luxury cars along with ways his company is ready to meet the consumer demand, once the lockdown is over.


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