COVID-19 giving a boost to e-commerce portals

In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, the entire world is under extreme panic and stress. This fatal virus has devastated numerous countries across the globe and is still proliferating without any difficulty. Scientist and doctors are trying their best, but all attempts are going in vain. All medical facilities and human knowledge of science is failing in front of this pandemic

Once contaminated by this deadly virus, patients with only strong immunity are recovering from COVID-19. The rest are dying ruthlessly. The entire world has turned topsy-turvy because of this pandemic. Several countries have ordered a complete lockdown. The main motto of the lockdown is to maintain social distancing. This deadly virus spreads through touch and close contact. Hence, to break the chain of the proliferation of the Coronavirus, it is highly essential that people stay inside their homes, safe and secure.

Panic Buying

Because of the pandemic, people are getting panic-stricken, and out of panic, they are hoarding essential food and medical commodities. The demand is much more than the supply. This has resulted in a tremendous price hike. Governments of different countries are trying their best so that essential commodities, food items, groceries, etc. reach daily to the consumers. But the situation is incredibly messed up, and even the government is not able to take proper control.

Shutting down of e-commerce sites:
Due to social lockdown, people are avoiding brick and mortar shops. They are avoiding such public gatherings as it increases the risk of Coronavirus contagion. Hence, the ecommerce portals are experiencing an upsurge in their daily orders. In many countries, even ecommerce operations are being shut down. For instance, brands like Victoria’s Secret, Home Goods, Reformation, Marysia, and Frankie Shop have shut down their e-commerce portals to maintain the safety and security of their team and delivery partners.

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On the other hand, ecommerce portals of grocers, electronic stores, and big-box stores are getting several orders every day. Walmart, Target, Amazon, and so on have increased the pay of their workers so that it becomes easy to meet the increasing demand and provide apt delivery service.

Increase in demand for specific products over ecommerce portals
In America, medical experts, as well as the officials, are encouraging the citizens to keep their hands sanitized and away from their faces. So, they are purchasing medical products online such as gloves, hand sanitizers, masks, antibacterial sprays, and so on. Also, there has been a rise in the sale of medicines online that deal with flu, cough, and cold. Brick and mortar shops are being avoided, and hence items like toilet paper, canned food items, shelf-stable food products are being ordered online in order to build up a stock for an emergency situation.

Ecommerce scenario in India
In India, Government has shut down all brick and mortar shops except for pharmaceuticals, essential commodities, groceries, milk, etc. But because of panic shopping, the stock gets exhausted soon in these brick and mortar shops. Also, illegal hoarding by some stupid shopkeepers has also led to a price hike. The demand is extremely high, while the supply is comparatively low. Hence people are shifting towards e-commerce buying. Also, a majority section of the population is trying to avoid crowded areas, and hence they are now looking forward to the ecommerce portals for all their needs. Swiggy, Zomato, and similar other food home delivery companies, too, are trying their best to deal with the fatal pandemic by providing touch-free delivery options and so on.

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But consumers are facing extreme delay in getting their orders delivered. The lockdown all over the country has resulted in a massive backlog of orders. E grocers like Grofers, Big Basket, e-commerce portals like Flipkart, Amazon as well as Udaan, Jumbo tail, all are going through the issue of shortage of workers as well as a lack in supply of products. Hence, they, too, are offering delayed deliveries to consumers.

Because of closed factories and trucks stopping at sealed borders, products are not reaching the e-commerce firms on time. Policymakers and businesses are collaborating effectively to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak.

During such a dire time when the entire world is grappling with the fatal Coronavirus, it is highly essential that citizens stay calm and avoid hoarding of goods. Together we should be patient and pray for a better future.


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