Not Sure You Have COVID-19? Here Are the Symptoms for Coronavirus and seasonal Flu, and Allergies

We all know that the Corona epidemic has put the whole world in trouble. There is no country or state that is not vulnerable to it. However, its outbreak is very high, and elsewhere it is very less. Even then it remains a problem. It has become a disaster for all people and nations.

Doctors have reported some symptoms of coronavirus(COVID-19), which can be used to determine whether a person is infected with COVID-19 infection or not. Such as runny nose, cough, breathing problem, eye infection, etc. But it is not at all true that if some of these are Symptoms, then the person has corona infection. If you have a runny nose and swollen eyes or cough, it is not necessary that the person has corona. Although you are tired, have a fever, have a dry cough, or have a cold, it may be symptoms of COVID-19. Remember that there is already a fever and cough and difficulty in breathing. If you see some such symptoms then immediately go to your nearest health center for a checkup and avoid going to crowded areas.

Are cold, fever, cough only symptoms of COVID-19?

It is not necessary that cold, runny nose, cough, fever, etc. are symptoms of COVID-19 only, although such symptoms can also be of common viral or seasonal diseases. However, there is not much difference in the symptoms of normal viral and COVID-19, hence it remains a state of confusion.

Major Difference to determine COVID-19

According to doctors, there is not much difference in the symptoms of common seasonal fever or flu and COVID-19, but there is a difference by which you can detect it and that is the difficulty in breathing, because there is no breathing problem to the patent in normal seasonal diseases and flu. But in COVID-19, a person has a lot of difficulty in breathing along with fever and cough, this is the main reason that you can find between COVID-19 or seasonal flu.

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Things to keep in mind:

It is not necessary that every COVID-19 patient shows all these symptoms, yes, it is possible that the person’s immune system is capable of fighting the disease, but that person can make others sick. So avoid going outside and take out from home only if it is very necessary. Before going outside, bury your mouth and nose thoroughly and avoid touching things outside. Avoid crowded areas. Before entering the house, wash hands and feet thoroughly and if possible, change your clothes and sanitize the goods as well. Clean your surroundings and do not spit everywhere. Avoid shaking hands with people. And follow the government guidelines


Main Highlights:

  • Cough, cold, and runny nose are not only symptoms of COVID-19. It can also be common and seasonal flu.
  • Common cold flu and COVID-19 are both symptoms of pneumonia.
  • A patient of COVID-19 feels difficulty in breathing whereas this is not the case with normal fever.
  • It is not necessary that everyone should see all these symptoms in the patient of COVID-19. Yes, it is possible that the person’s immune system is capable of fighting this disease but that person can make others ill.

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