Did COVID-19 making the political world go topsy-turvy | Impact of Politics

Time and again, epidemics have rampaged different nations, resulting in countless deaths and blunder of the entire system. Several epidemics have shaken different nations, and again they have recovered slowly from the human tragedy. At present, the Corona Virus is proliferating recklessly and has already spread across 175 nations around the world. Italy, the US are among some of the worst-hit countries by the pandemic. Despite being number two in the world medical facility, Italy has given up in front of this deadly virus. People all across the globe are dying without any vaccination or cure. Scientists and the medical world are totally clueless as to what can be the solution to this health crisis scenario.

COVID 19 impact on various sectors:
COVID-19 spreads only through touch or close contact. The infected droplets, when someone coughs or sneezes, can hang in the air for maximum 2 to 4 hours. The droplets can survive on any metal surface for quite a long time. Meanwhile, if someone happens to touch the droplets and then touch his face, mouth eyes or nose, he can get infected. Right now, there are lakhs of COVID-19 positive cases all across the globe. Only those with a strong immune system can come out victorious of this deadly disease. The rest are succumbing to death.

COVID-19 outbreak is indeed a public health emergency. But it has severe implications on other sectors as well. The world is entering into a phase of the global recession. The economy is crashing down. A severe food crisis is looming around as the global food supply chain is badly has been badly disrupted. The fashion business is suffering a huge loss as most of the brick and mortar shops are shut down, and even ecommerce orders have declined. The world of technology is facing mixed consequences. As more and more people depend on technology during worldwide lockdown and quarantine period. Travel and tourism sector has come to a standstill. Global business is highly affected by COVID-19 outbreak.

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In such a messed up and panic-stricken environment, how can global politics remain unaffected? Corona Virus outbreak has already shown severe implications in politics around the world. Here’s a brief look at what is going on in the political world in the wake of COVID-19.

Corona Virus is posing a threat to Xi Jinping’s legitimacy and leadership. Most of the Chines cities are still under complete lockdown. Travelling out of the country is highly prohibited. Xi’s China is going through a phase of international embarrassment. Beijing government has declared the virus as a natural disaster. They are claiming Xi Jinping administration is absolutely faultless. 1.4 billion People are facing restricted movement, while 150 million people are locked inside their homes. But the official story as portrayed by China is highly questionable since Li Wenliang was jailed and later on died as he raised voice against the medical emergency and government’s way of handling the situation.

The US elections:
According to Donal Trump, COVID-19 outbreak is under control in the USA. He also went ahead with the idea that this time is preferable to buy stocks. Now he is highly worried as the raging pandemic can have worst effects on his re-election to be held in November. It can lead to his political vulnerability.

Obama administration had set up a unit called the National Security Council in order to deal with future epidemics on a global scale, and this happened after the Ebola outbreak. But Trump administration dismantled the unit in the year 2018. Hence, Trump is facing open attacks because of a lack of preparedness against this deadly pandemic. The government is also struggling to impose lockdown or quarantine upon the Americans.

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International tensions:
The global blame game is really going strong now. China is blaming America, unofficially that the virus was manufactured in the USA to destroy China. Even the US is not sparing from blaming China. They are blaming the country for manufacturing Corona Virus and using it as a bioweapon.

Trump administration is denying entry to Chinese nationals in the USA and warning the Americans not to visit China. Chinese officials are blaming this decision. They feel that this step has led to unnecessary panic. China is claiming to protect the rest of the world from the deadly virus while US secretary of state has blamed China and Iran for withholding information regarding COVID-19 cure.

Amidst all these political chaos, COVID-19 is spreading recklessly, and all we can do is to maintain distance and wait for the menace to get over.

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