Graphic Designers around the world spreading a creative message to prevent COVID-19

Right now, most of the people around the world are either self-quarantining or under complete lockdown due to the outbreak of the Corona Virus. This cureless virus has so far killed around 35,000 people and about 8 lakh people are infected. The medical world is feeling helpless, and the scientists are grappling with the deadly pandemic.

Corona Virus is highly contagious and spreads through touch or close contact. The infected droplet if enters your body, will infect your body and your respiratory system will get badly affected. Only patents who have a strong immunity system are recovering from severe disease. The rest are succumbing to death. Hence, the only way to avoid COVID 19 and break the chain of Coronavirus contagion is social distancing.

Graphic designers on how to cope up with COVID 19

In such a grim situation when half of the world is locked inside their houses, graphic designers have started using their creativity to spread social messages to the masses. The designers are trying to impart a useful message and at the same time, bring a smile on people’s faces at this bleak hour.

More and more people are resorting to social media to spend time, and hence the graphic designers have grabbed their digital styluses for creating supportive and informative illustrations related to COVID-19. These creative bunch of people are utilising the online platform to request people to bring about the much-needed lifestyle changes. These designers believe that they can be helpful for society by using their art and creativity.

Graphic designers all across the globe have set their goal to spread awareness and make people understand that staying locked inside the home is an act of bravery, and this act can save millions of lives. They are trying to use telegraphic and powerful images to convey a sense of responsibility and solidarity in the wake of this global crisis. Using their creative designs, these graphic designers are trying their best to alter the mindset of people. Graphic designer Christoph Niemann wrote in one of his Instagram post that people should consider themselves as already infected by Coronavirus. This will help them to take the necessary steps so that others do not get infected. He also has advised the people to stay in until it is an emergency and also has requested people to use kind words for all those fighters outside (nurses, doctors, police, drivers and so on).

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Designers and artists using their creativity against the deadly pandemic

Graphic designers like Mona Chalabi has published an illustration which depicts the symptoms of COVID 19. The symptoms include fever, dry cough and a few less obvious ones such as vomiting and muscle pain. She has also advised people regarding self-isolation, stock pilin and social distancing.

Artist Juan Delcan has come up with a creative animation in which a match stick steps out in order to prevent the rest from burning. This signifies the importance of lockdown and quarantine in order to break the chain of contagion.

Graphic designer Niemann tried to spread the message of washing hands and staying at home by using a playful and illustrative picture. He designed a girl and a sharp-tipped pencil. She is using the pencil tip as a megaphone, and her mouth is shutting down the pencil tip.

Many graphic designers and artists are using their art to bring some humour to this dire situation. They are getting playful with their creativity so that people can have a moment of laughter and relief.

These designs are playing with the subconscious mind of viewers. These designs are highly effective because people tend to share online what they like. Thus, if even one person changes his mind and start following the rules and regulations and maintain social distancing, then the hard work and creativity of these designers are worth it.

The world is going through a human tragedy right now, and this is the time that people should think beyond borders and stand united against the ordeal. Everyone should try their bit in dealing with this pandemic. Graphic designers and artists are already playing their part. So what are you waiting for?

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