Here is what all you need to prepare for your best friend’s wedding.

We have all grown up planning weddings with our best friends, from decor to dresses, don’t we girls plan it all? From knowing each other’s cringe-worthy secrets in high school to being each other’s rock, when difficult times hit, you and your BFF have been through it all and now is your time to be the bridesmaid do your soul sister.

But the tag of “maid of honor” comes with lots of more responsibilities than one could imagine. When it is your best friend’s wedding, the pressure is on you. Your best friend’s whole life is going to change, and she will panic about everything. Your job is to be by her side, and to make sure that she keeps herself together till the big day! From preparations to being there with the bride to making sure all the events go smoothly, there will be so much on your plate. If you are going to be your best friend’s maid of honour and you are freaking out about everything, do not worry, we have got you covered!

In this article, we are going to give you an insight into what all you need to prepare for your best friend’s wedding!

  1. The Bachelorette: We all imagine the coolest bachelorette party for ourselves, and well, your maid of honour duties calls for making sure that your best friend has her bachelorette in the funkiest way possible! From the venue to inviting the bride’s friends, everything goes in your hands. Go ahead and plan the bachelorette, keeping in mind the ideas of the bride-to-be! Whether it is a sophisticated evening or a hoo-hah blurry night involving booze and questionable dance moves, make sure that your best friend loves it!
  • Shop Shop Shop: From picking the perfect outfits for all the events, jewellery to deciding the matching carry-ons, your job is to stay by her side every step of the way. Sit and watch the bride-to-be, who puts up a fashion show for you, so that she can reject everything and crib about not finding her dream clothes. A saree or a lehenga? Pink or red? Shoes under the lehenga or heels? Dark yellow or light yellow for Haldi? Oh wait, should I wear green? Your best friend will spin your head, and well, you have to make sure that she finds what she’s looking for!
  • The Pre-wedding Preparations: The venue, the perfect coloured flowers, crockery that matches the theme, the menu, cake tasting, going shopping with the bride, and the list will never end! From the start till the end, it will be your job to make sure that everything falls in place. The decor, the food, the wedding cards, making sure that the guests are having fun, making everyone dance on the Sangeet night, creating the vibes, and making sure that everyone is having a ball! 
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Remember when you said that you will always be there for your BFF? Well, this is your time to prove it! From organizing the party to staying there till it ends, you have to manage it all!

  • Bridezilla alert: Yes, you heard it right! Your best friend is going to be a mess. She will scream at you; she will rant about anything, literally. She will get cold feet. She will never be satisfied with her hair and makeup, her lehenga will have fitting adjustments, and you will feel like the bride is losing her mind! But you have to stick around. All she needs is you by her side, all the time! She loves you, and you have to make sure that you tell her, you have her back. Help her out every step of the way, be there at her beck and call, lend her an ear, and support her emotionally, mentally, and physically!
  • Do we have a plan-B: You have to make sure that nothing goes wrong! Keep an alternative for everything! What if the catering service backs out at the last moment? What if the lehenga gets strained? What if your best friend needs a safety pin? Make sure that you have it all covered! Make a bag of all the things that the bride might need at any moment. Have a backup for everything! This will ensure that there are no last-minute panics and that your best friend’s almost-perfect day does not turn into a disaster!

All in all, be there for her. Make sure that she stays calm and relaxed at all times. Keep her informed about everything and hang out with her. Sit with her and talk about all of your times together and now that she is entering this beautiful new phase of her life, you will still be by her side, 24/7, like you have always been. Rock the parties with zeal and you will be tagged as the best ‘maid of honor’ ever! 

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