Khuda Hafiz A Movie review – Good Story with Vidyut’s Stunning Performance

Khuda Hafiz a movie targeting Prostitution:

Disney+ Hotstar is a platform that decided to release several Bollywood movies, which recently also released the film Khuda Hafiz. The movie starring, Vidyut Jammal as Sameer and Shivaleeka Oberoi as Nargis. Before the release, not much was known about the movie, other than the trailer launched just a few weeks ago. 

The Multi-Dimensional Trailer of the Film:

The trailer showed,  plot and action of the star actor. The film is a combination of Romance, action, thrills, and crime.  The movie is basically about a husband coming to Noman to find her wife and focuses on the ring of Prostitution. The video clearly shows how girls or women are brought to foreign countries by making fake promises of getting a job and being sold to the people involved in Prostitution and human trafficking.

The movie entirely focuses on the efforts of a husband to find his wife. The work of exposing the corrupt government, funding links to the ultimate downfall of the complete ring of Prostitution is done solely by the actor Vidyut Jammwal. He is shown as a man who will do anything to complete his mission and take revenge from those who have harmed his wife.

Nargis has done equal justice to her role, though it is not much for her to play. Though the primary focus should be on kidnapping Nargis and selling her into Prostitution, this part is entirely ignored in the movie. However, the skills of Vidyut in the whole film don’t fail to entertain.

Other than the two-star actors, the movie also consists of other stars like Annu Kapoor as Usman Ali Murad, an over-friendly cab driver, who helps Sameer a lot in finding Nargis.

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The supporting actors have played their roles at best and have done justice with the characters. All you need to ignore is the Arab accent used by them in the movie, which sounds quite odd.

The movie is not an action movie but does involve Romance. During the initial time of the movie, there was romance seen between Nargis & Sameer. But as the movie progresses, and Vidyut moves towards Oman, we see more of the action scenes in the film.

However, the plot is quite dark. When it comes to the abduction of the Actresses, it seems quite funny, and in the whole movie, we see less involvement of the country’s government and the Indian Embassy. The entire act of finding Nargis is solely done by her husband Sameer, which is quite an unbelievable thing to happen, and that too in a foreign country.

The movie Khuda Hafiz though had an excellent thought to present, but the plot of the film entirely fails to do complete justice with the main idea.  The video starts with a love story building up and undergoing the financial crisis due to the recession, which forces the love birds to get separated from each other in search of a job.

But fate doesn’t fall in their favor, and the wife goes missing and is finally found to be caught in the prostitution ring. The husband struggles to find his wife in a foreign country solely.

The film is all about watching for Vidyut’s efforts and his skills, which never fails to entertain the audience by his martial skills.

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