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Books are more than lines scribed on pieces of paper. Reading a good book is like going on an adventure, learning something new, exercising your brain and feeding you curiosities. How we are as a person and how we look at life, is shaped entirely by the literature we read. Hence, it is very important to read good literature that motivates us for life and makes us see the silver lining of it. From Suhel Seth’s “Get to the Top” to Arundhati Roy’s “God of Small Things”, here are 5 motivational books by Indian authors that are must reads for inspiration:

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari — Robin Sharma

This masterpiece by Robin Sharma talks about the journey of a man towards self-fulfilment and satisfaction. But this self-fulfilment and satisfaction comes not through monetary means but through introspection and self-discovery. The author introduces us to the main lead Julian Mantle on his journey to become a monk. Teaching us how to make the right choices that make life live.

I Have a Dream — Rashmi Bansal

“Knowledge can be borrowed, but where and how to apply it, you have to figure out”, this quote from this bestseller by Rashmi Bansal is enough to give you an idea of how it goes about life. This book is a gem full of such perceptive lines. Rather than just telling us about the dreams and aspirations of Young India, the book also clearly illustrates the challenges that the millennial generation faces.

Get to The Top — Suhel Seth

This self-help book by the multitalented author Suhel Seth talks about how to be socially successful. It is divided into sections of ‘How to be a good host?’, ‘How to be a good guest?’ and the worst social crimes you can commit. The “Self-Development Rule” and the “Networking Rule” make a lot of sense when we are surrounded by competition. This book is an all-round personality development program.

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The 4th Idiot — Biswaroop Roy Chowdhary

This book by author Biswaroop Roy Chowdhary draws its inspiration from the Bollywood blockbuster of Aamir Khan’s “3 Idiots”. It carries on with the core theme of the film, which is chasing excellence over success. With a number of exercises, experiments and anecdotes that denote the challenges faced by young people in the daily life, “The 4th Idiot” offers logical and practical solutions to them without being too loud about it.

The God of Small Things — Arundhati Roy

“Life is not a bed of roses and even if it is, remember even roses have thorns”, this life changing line belongs to the 1997 Booker Prize winner by Arundhati Roy. This book is an encounter between two sisters who go through a number of unfortunate events. The fight is between whether it will bog them down in life or motivate them more.

Inspiration is to life what breathing is to the human body. This is what keeps us alive and lively in life and shapes us for what lies ahead. We hope that these books help pump motivation and inspiration into your life.

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