Movie Review: Class of 83

Today, the Bollywood films and the enforcement of the Indian law are not able to distance themselves from the precedents, which was set up late back in the 1980s. Class of 83, directed by Atul Sabharwal is the new movie released on Netflix featuring Bobby Doel, Anup Soni, Ninad Mahajani, Bhupendra Jadawat, Sameer Paranjape and Hitesh Bhojraj. Class of 83 is a drama movie which is very profoundly embraced the movie tropes of the 80s. However, the film does show its soft code towards vigilant justice.

The characters shown in the movie do not contemplate with the actions of their morality, nor they are seen questioning the deeds by any angle. The characters are shown to reveal everything in violence as they believe wholeheartedly in it. There cannot be a comparison of the men who are gruff out there during the 80s to have their point of view and a film which is entirely made from the perspective of contemporary to endorse the problems of the nation like this.

Class of 83: A movie inspired by the real events

As we see the movie progressing, we realize that a class of 83 has actions and scenes in the film which are partially inspired by the events which have happened in real life. The film has characters whose roles are inspired by the people whose primary job was to uphold the law and not tend to break it. There were various scenes in the film, where the character of Bobby Deol which was played as the Vijay Singh who was a veteran cop seen speaking about the different pillars of democracy which exist, and these pillars he talked about were:

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A: Law Enforcement

B: Judiciary

C: Government

In a scene, it was shown how Bobby Deol or Vijay Singh in the film compared these pillars of democracy with the fortresses of impenetrability.

Vijay Singh had strongly felt that two things – bureaucracy and red-tape did come in between of justice. He tried to perform a strong act of vengeance against the entire system, which mistreated him; he then comes up with a solid full-proof plan. Vijay was sentenced to the posting of punishment as he was the police academy’s dean, he selects a total of five cadets along with a penchant and gives them a position in the secret squad. While experimenting, he goes on to state that he would release the selected five cadets as ‘Anti-Bodies’ in the police system. He then goes on to say that “Unhe Bina jurisdiction our restriction ke gangster’s ka encounter Karne ki freedom hogi”.

The audience felt that this entire narration had distracted from the character which could be superbly engaging, as performed by Bobby Deol. The film did go on to display the technical skill flashes, but there was a common observation which stated that Sabharwal was in some sort of a rush to narrate his story. It seemed like he did not focus on the scenes properly and just wanted to show millions of his thoughts without actually refining them together.

Class of 83: The Plot seems to be overflowing

The audience feels that the class of 83 would have made a fantastic series as there was so much to show in it. However, in the film, the scenes seemed to be incomplete as they were just flowing without a good finish. The movie seems to be sprinting entirely, and it seemed that all the plots were designed to be running from point 1 to point two that taking a still and flashing the characters out in the best possible way. The film shows the domestic trouble which Vijay Singh faces along with with-it problems in his professional career, all of which leads him to attempt suicide.

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The narration of the movie is written by Abhijeet Deshpande, and the focus is shown on clichés of the screenwriting such as flashbacks for plot propelling instead of focusing on the performance of the cast which should have been doing most of the talking.

More or less, the audience did enjoy the story as a whole, but they expected much more from the characters, especially Bobby Deol.

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