Sadak 2 Movie Review: Dull, Routine and Boring Sequel that Has Nothing New

The basic story of the Sadak-2 movie is mysterious as the lead actor’s mother, Shakuntala Devi’s demise under some dreadful conditions. The Desai group of industries scion Arya, which is played by Alia Bhatt on screen, promises to avenge the murder and bring justice by exposing the culprits. And to honor the last wish of her mother, Aarya embarks on a journey to Kailash, and the story of the movie unfolds.

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Aarya’s entire family featuring the massi turned stepmother Nandini Maa played by Priyanka Bose, and father Yogesh, played by  Jisshu Sengupta, is under the spell of some fake or Dhongi Baba Gyaan Prakash, played by Makarand Deshpande. Arya, who is just 20 years old, knows all of it as she was convinced utterly that her mother passed away due to some cunning plan hatched by Gyaan Prakash. To fight the issue, Arya watches an online Campaign termed as India fights fake gurus. The main agenda behind this campaign is to reveal the truth behind these assumed god messengers and break the myth and mystery encircled around them. While moving along this mission, Arya falls in love with a young troll Vishal who is played by Aditya Roy Kapoor. He is a handsome good looking musician who had his issues. Together Aarya and Vishal embark on a journey to Kailash as Arya’s mother had wished she visited the pilgrimage on her 21st birthday.

Furthermore, there is a minor twist in the story as the booking agent or the co-owner of the Pooja Tours and travels no more and her taxi driver husband, Ravi, played by Sanjay Dutt, has only one purpose in life to reunite with her. The heartbroken cabbie reluctantly says yes after a lot of persuasion and cajoling. After they find solace in each other, a blooming friendship bond is built as Arya derives hope and strength from the isolated man while Ravi gets a new purpose in life through the young lady driven to achieve what she wishes to.

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It was a rage among the audience when back in 90″s Sadak starring Pooja Bhatt and Sanjay Dutt hit the theaters. It was a big hit back then because it featured two fantastic love ballads and an exciting plotline. Twenty years later, Mahesh Bhatt writes the script again on the road. Ideally, in a gloomy setting, Sadak 2 starts with a grim where Ravi is seen as a hopeless protagonist is tying a rope around his neck and conversing with his deceased wife Puja. He talks about their impending reunion afterlife. The fan that he is hanging on comes down crashing, so Ravi has to see another day. While Ravi was in the garage listening to a song HUM TERE BIN KAHIN REH NAHIN PATE and he was planning another exit, Arya bolts open the door and demanded a three-month booking be honored. Furthermore, a journey of random twists and turns begins on the road. Lastly, the screenplay goes down several routes and hits the dead-end eventually. 

Overview:  Sadak-2 a Movie with a dull, routine, and boring sequel that has nothing new.Overall below the average movie. At the launching of their trailer on youtube, It became the first movie to gains millions of dislike.

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