Top 5 Companies Which have the best working culture

These days it has become integral to maintain extraordinary company culture. As much as privileges and salary matter to an employee on this date, they consider company culture as much. Each company has different customs, and these things issue a lot for the people who work there.

Given below are the five companies with the best working culture:


Google is the world’s best-known search engine for years now. It provides correspondent culture. People working with Google enjoy their perks; they acknowledge a lot of privileges and liberties. Some of them being staffer voyages and gatherings, free feasts, upright conferences by gigantic administrators, appealing dog atmosphere and whatnot, safety, and security of Google employees comes within it as well. The people who work with Google are recognized as the most proficient, competent, and generous with a complete understanding of their work.

As Google has taken over all the other search engines, it has become essential to maintain the working culture as much. Google is a big company. It has several smaller units, and hundreds of departments people work in, which has made it challenging to equip the proper culture.


Twitter’s workers never stop boasting about their company’s cultures, Work-friendly environment, and team acquainted community. They get a lot of unexceptional privileges and many perks that other big organizations can’t offer. People love working in their environment because it is a team working and friendly organization to its employees.

It boosts their confidence and helps them cope up with this. It is challenging to defeat a whole team as one whose strength; is what makes the employees more confident. At Twitter, all the policies of the company revolve around employee satisfaction which is the prime importance.  

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Facebook’s expansion these last few years has been so rapid. Just like Google, it provides quite many privileges to its employees. Free eats, on the site laundry facilities, upright bureau space, vertical communication, competitive environment, which helps to grow in and develop personally and whatnot. But as big the company, the bigger their problems. As many companies have provided high culture and environment for their employees, there still are several drawbacks.

It occasionally becomes a stressful place to work in because of the competition and pressure giving within the company. To cope up with all these challenges, Facebook has created several meeting rooms. There are different buildings for each department and ample outdoor space for the workers to feel free and break. The employees, workers, and sometimes even CEO Zuckerberg works in the outdoor space if they think.t is to show that everyone has a unique place, and they are all critical.


Adobe is a kind of corporation that gives demanding tasks and assignments and to its workers and employees to understand and enhance themselves in the best way they can. It then endorses and puts faith in its employees and workers to complete their tasks and gain confidence. It also gives and provides several benefits and perks to the people working within the company.

People working with Adobe are exceptionally flexible and intelligent. Adobe trusts its employees and boosts their confidence. Adobe reasonably lets its workers set their goals and objectives by themselves. Employees are provided with commodity prices to understand that it is in their hands to chase and claim their prizes.

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Laying trust in your employees frees them from stress and makes them comfortable to work freely and wisely.

Southwest Airlines:

All the airlines are repeatedly taunted for gloomy workers and employees and miserable services provided by them. But Southwest airlines shut all such rumors. All the customers of Southwest Airlines have been satisfied with their provided service and found that the crew was ever ready to help and guide them.

Southwest Airlines have been serving since the last 43 years. They have still been able to make the environment well cultured for their workers. Their main motive was to centralize all the team members and convince them that working together will provide benefits. The employees also have been permitted to walk extra miles to make their clients comfortable.

To be concluded that most of the companies offer privileges and perks, but those alone will not identify the culture of the company. It is how they treat and encourage their employees to matter much more. Moreover, employee satisfaction is also directly proportionate to the company’s performance which directly does affect the sales and profits of the company.  

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