Top Netflix shows you must watch in August 2020

Though Netflix is saving is thoughtful originals for September, but August is still offering some gems. Some of the must-watch shows on Netflix in August 2020 are:


It will be made available on August 21. Netflix has a strong slate of adult animated comedies between Big mouth, F is for family, and the Midnight Gospel. That’s without counting the service currently ended but re-watching endless episodes of Bo Jack. Ideally, Hoops looks to join those lofty ranks as it is directed and executed by Jake Johnson. Ben Hoffman creates the show, and it follows a pathetic, angry, and foul-mouthed coach Ben Hopkins. The high school basketball coach is convinced to make it to the big leagues provided he can whip his wayward squad into shape. Barry, his father, is a former professional basketball player, and he wishes to help his son succeed, even though he is long away from being a man he should be.

The legend of Korra

the show will be available on August 14. You should watch it because if the Netflix originals are doing a great job with new adult animated offerings compared to streamer’s acquisition team, it kills the anime. Post striking with gold, Avatar, the Last Airbender earlier this year. Netflix has also invested in the sequel series that will go on air this August. In 2012, the legend of Kora was created by Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino for Nickelodeon. The show follows the eponymous lead through four seasons of action, thoughtful commentary, and splendid visuals on real-world strike.

Like Aang before her, Korra is also an avatar who controls four elements, including earth, fire, water, and air. Throughout the series, the hot-headed warrior is most likely to balance in a world facing political and spiritual unrest. However, the last season sees her look inward in another imaginative pivot. It is quite a journey for anyone caught up in the Avatar world. Bonus reason to watch this is it is an excellent prep for Netflix’s original adaptation. In 2018 the streaming giant had also stated plans for a live-action version of Avatar. Though there is still no decision on the release date of the latest series Netflix is positively sparkling a significant amount of interest by releasing original series and its sequel. 

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Immigration nation

The series is available now on the platform. Shaul Schwarz and Christina Clusiau create the six-part documentary series. Ideally, the series Immigration nation examines America’s immigration process through their routine lives of activists, ICE agents, attorneys, lawmakers, and undocumented immigrants. The creators Schwarz and Clusiau, who had shot the footage for at least three years, look at plenty of immigrant stories like more recent arrivals and long-time residents and also ask the challenging questions about how our nation can live up to the words marked on the statue of liberty.

The bonus reason to watch this show is that the early reviews have been strong. Chief TV critic Caroline Framke states that “Immigration Nation’s offers a fantastic indictment of the labyrinth systems that makes ICE durable. Also, Time’s Judy Berman utilizes the striking descriptor when addressing the docuseries as damning for the executive branch as its fascinating for civilians. Thus, it’s good to hope that the release’s timing will motivate voters to do what they can do to change things.

The Game Seasons (1-3)

The show will be released on August 15. It is one of the most popular UPN entries. Ideally, the Game was created as a spin-off to the original series Girlfriends, which starred Tracee Ellis Ross compared to its predecessor. Mara Brock Akil both the shows. As Dr. Melanie Barnett-Davis, who was the lead, then has given up the offer to study at Johns Hopkins School of medicine, so Tia Mowry leads “The Game” now. Rapidly Melanie befriends her new football family, including Kelly and Tasha, who teach her to juggle between her responsibilities and passion. It would be best if you watched the show for Tia Mowry and some other names too, including John Singleton, Jennifer Hudson, Mo’Nique, Gabrielle Union, Serena Williams, Vivica A. Fox, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Jennifer Lopez.

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Tiny Creatures

The show will be released on August 7. There is nothing cuter than animal-cantered nature docs focused on small animals, including butterflies, mice, unique looking lizards, etc. The spotlight will be taken the drama of the little animals’ big adventures across the country. Viewers should expect an abundance of slow-motion shots and all in bright high definition form. You can hear the story in the voice of Evil” star Mike Colter who will take you through each little creature’s story. 

Aggretusko Season 3

The season will be made available for Netflix users by August 27. The Kawaii counterculture cartoon is inspired by the original mascot for Sanrio, a Japanese company that designs and licenses adorable products. The season had made its debut back in 2018 following the accountant named, Retsuko who wanted to take out her frustrations through death metal karaoke sessions. The episodes are ideally short of about 15 minutes each. Thus, Retsuko is a small red panda who pursues aggressively on extreme outlets. You can try them out yourself and experience the fun. 

These are some must-watch series in August.

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