Top Things to Check Before Buying a Used Car

Planning to buy a second-hand car? Used or not – buying your first car is a big deal. Here’s a quick read that will guide you if you’re looking to buy a second hand car.

1. Get the car inspected thoroughly

Get the car inspected thoroughly by a trusted mechanic. This helps to either get the problems fixed by the owner before the purchase is done, or helps you negotiate the price. A few must dos for this are:

  • Check the existing insurance papers and see what’s the no claim bonus (NCB) percentage applied (higher the NCB, the better)
  • Check if the engine number matches with the records in the registration papers. For new battery, you can reach out to a Car Battery Shop near to your location.
  • Check all the filters (air, fuel, transmission, oil) that need regular cleaning and oiling. Failing to do this can affect the performance of the car significantly. So it is a quick way to judge how well the car has been maintained.
  • Check the brakes. Take a test drive at 40-50 kmph in an area that has little to no traffic and see if there are any ominous sounds or vibrations from the brake pedal. Brakes that pulsate could also mean that the rotors need replacement.
  • Check the condition of all the tyres of your car. They should be aligned correctly and match.
  • Check under the hood for signs of damage, dents or rust.

2. Transfer the vehicle registration certificate in your name

For this, you should fill out and submit Form 29 & Form 30, issued by the RTO in the jurisdiction you live in. The form should be signed by both you and the previous owner. If the car is registered in a different jurisdiction, get an NOC from that jurisdiction’s RTO to speed up the process. After the registration of your transaction and submission of forms, the local RTO initiates the transfer. Look at the Service book to check the history of service records including Road tax receipts with the last updated payment before you buy the car. Also check for valid fuel certification and Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate.

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3. Get a car insurance in your name

Once the RC is transferred, get the second hand car insurance policy also transferred in your name because if the RC is registered in your name and the policy is still under the previous owner’s, then the insurance policy becomes invalid. Check forms 32 & 35 to see if there are any pending loans on the car you are buying. Make sure that you have original invoice of the car. Also obtain the No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the car finance company. You may also consider getting a fresh car insurance.

4. Clean and fix your car before the first drive

There are a few things you must take care of right after purchasing the car:

A thorough clean up of both interior and exterior is required so that it looks as good as new. Consider steam cleaning and sanitizing your new car.

Change the fluids: The life expectancy of a car always depends on how well you maintain it and a regular change of fluids and oils is a must for this. The best thing to do is change all the fluids right after buying a second hand car.

Do some quick fixes: Fix the lights, spark plugs etc. If you see any sign of rust, water entry through cracks and holes or other minor wear and tear, get them fixed right away. Everything sorted? Now enjoy the thrill of riding your own hard-earned, well deserved car!

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