Want to make your someone’s birthday special? here is how you can do it

Birthdays are the best! From our parents throwing cute parties for us with snacks and intriguing games to us hanging out with our friends after we grow up, birthdays are always a delight! Is it just me or do we all love birthday surprises? 

If someone’s birthday is around the corner who is very special to you, then you are in the right place because today, we are going to tell you about a few gestures that you can do to make your special one’s birthday extra special!

  1. You can never have too many balloons: Imagine waking up to a room full of balloons. Isn’t that a heavenly feeling? Waking up to so many balloons will make them feel special, and it will make for a perfect start to their day! This is a tiny gesture that will go a long way! You don’t always need to make huge gestures to express your feelings towards them, sometimes all you need is balloons!
  • Mixtapes are always a good idea: Make a playlist of all the songs they love and play it for them. If someone does this for me, I’m going to be head over heels for them. I mean, mixtapes are a great way to make their birthday special and well isn’t that precisely what you want? Play them their favourite songs, sing along, excite them up, and you will end up turning their birthday into a magical evening!
  • Plan a date for two or a party for all: If your special one prefers alone time and they do not like to spend it with a lot of people, plan a perfect date just for the two of you. Make extravagant gestures. From setting up a romantic date in a park to booking an entire place just for the two of you, there is so much you can do with dates. Decorate the place, bring them flowers, a bottle of wine, spend quality time with them, laugh a lot and be in the moment, I am sure they will love it! On the other hand, if your special someone is a party freak, plan a party for them! Invite everyone on their list, bring lots of alcohol, lots of food, music so loud that it does not let anyone sleep and they will have the best night ever!
  • Express how you feel: Be it your best friend or someone special; we often do not express our love for them verbally. We do not say things out loud; we show it through our actions. On their birthday, tell them how you feel, make a speech, express your love for them, I am sure they will get overwhelming feelings, and they will feel lucky to have you in their life. Tell them that they are beautiful, write letters for them and keep them on their bedside, or leave love notes all around the house, there are so many ways in which you can express your love for them, on their birthday!
  • Treasure hunt: From a kid to an adult, who does not love gifts? To make their birthday a little more exciting, take it up a notch and hide their gifts in different places, give them a map and ask them to find all the gifts with the help of clues, make it challenging for them and they will surely have a lot of fun! 
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These gestures are a way of expressing your love for your special one on their birthday. Getting such surprises from you, on their birthday, will be like icing on the cake for them. From writing a little note to planning a whole charade, there is so much you can do to make them feel elated and to make their birthday, the best day ever! We hope you try them out and we are sure they will be a hit! 

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