Your Toddler Hates Hair Washing? Time to End the Struggle!

A comprehensive body wash ritual is an integral part of a baby’s skin and health care. Hair washing is also required during the bath to rid the baby’s tender tresses and scalp of harmful germs so that they are squeaky clean from head to toe. However, this activity also happens to be one of the most precarious ones, especially for new and inexperienced parents.

It is noticed that toddlers usually enjoy bath time as they get to play with water. But as often happens, all hell breaks loose if they get their hair washed. They may throw a total fit at any attempt to wash their hair and scream or thrash about in defence. As a result, instead of being a relaxing time for the parent and their baby, bath time turns out to be a dreaded event for all involved.

Here are a few things to try and make the process less of a struggle.

Pick the right product

Giving the baby head-to-toe wash is important but none of us wants to be that parent who causes so much distress to their child on a regular basis. In this regard, picking the right product can solve much of the problem. Parents should opt for a super-safe body wash and the best natural shampoo for toddlers which do not cause any irritation to their eyes, scalp, and super-delicate skin.

Today, there is a growing preference for organic toddler shampoo as they are made from safe, natural, non-chemical ingredients. The certified organic baby head-to-toe foam wash is a super convenient, certified organic product loved by parents. With this in hand, you do not have to scramble for different products in the bathroom for hair wash and body wash while managing your tender, impatient baby. This gentle all-in-one body wash keeps the baby’s delicate skin and hair soft, cleansed, and well-nourished without causing any irritation to their eyes, skin, or super-delicate scalp.

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Make sure water temperature is perfect

Baby skin is known to be extremely sensitive and their scalp even more so. So you need to be extra careful about the temperature of the water being used for shampooing your baby. Using water that is too hot or too cold can make the baby uncomfortable, damage their sensitive scalp, or even fall sick. Giving your baby head-to-toe foam wash with lukewarm water can work wonders to help them calm down and enjoy the bathing and hair-washing experience.

Acknowledge their tactile sensitivity

Parents must acknowledge that toddlers have a heightened sense of tactile sensitivity. During hair wash, children are sensitive to water being poured on their faces, as they are terrified of the feeling of not being able to breathe. While it is true that they grow out of this feeling naturally with time, using some strategies can go a long way in helping them to cope with the struggle. Talking about it is one of the simplest ways we often don’t try.  

When it’s time to wash your little one’s hair, let them know beforehand, explain why it’s needed, and ask them what they think would help them accept getting their hair washed. This gives them time to respond, and not get caught off guard. You may substantiate this exercise with story-telling, chatting, playing, or giving them toys to play with. This can help create a positive association with an otherwise dreaded experience.

Holding the baby’s shoulder and/or letting them lean against the side of the tub can also help calm them and decrease their tactile sensitivity for the moment. Kids often dread hair wash because they have to shut their eyes to prevent soap from getting into their eyes and this causes them to feel as if they are falling. Use a no-tear shampoo so that there isn’t a need to close eyes and feel vulnerable. You may also use earplugs to prevent water from entering their ears.

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After rinsing off the shampoo, wrap your baby in a warm, dry towel immediately to calm them and let them know that the battle is over. Note that you are not required to give your baby a hair wash more than twice a week. To make this activity easier and shorten the hair wash time, keep their hair short.

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